Not stroller-confined – hiking in Transylvania

Unless you have been reading willtravelwithkids since its inception over three years ago, you probably missed the post about confining kids to strollers on outings.  This week I’m in Transylvania, interspersing language school with adventurous outings in the area around Sibiu.  This afternoon, during a secluded hike meandering with the children along a groomed path… Read More Not stroller-confined – hiking in Transylvania

“Frozen” on a rural Romanian road

Before we arrived in Romania, Romanians and foreigners alike warned us of the poor quality of the roads.  After expecting the worst, I have been pleasantly surprised.  Perhaps compared to more developed (and not post-communist) European countries, the roads leave much to be desired.  Few markings, no shoulders, ditches and drop-offs are a hazard at… Read More “Frozen” on a rural Romanian road

Aiud, Romania; Bruchsal, Germany – The pride of the locals

When we moved to Germany eight years ago, my German landlord said we must visit the nearby Bruchsal Palace. It was one of his favorites.  During our three and half years in Germany, we never made it to his favorite palace.  We visited many other palaces and castles across the continent, but never his highly… Read More Aiud, Romania; Bruchsal, Germany – The pride of the locals